Refill Bundle 3x(200ml)+ 15 Sticks

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cocod'or 200ml Refill Bundle + Sticks Available in:

[Black Cherry] Mixed with the sweetness of grape and apple for a sweet and mysterious scent unique to black cherry that brightens livens up the interior.

[Lovely Peony] The scent of a floral bouquet and magnolia is blended with a pink musk note, and delivers the elegance and sensuality of the mysterious peony.

[April Breeze] A harmonious mixture of a strong floral scent, sweet berries, and a cozy and powdery note for a fragrance that delivers the sensation of a softener.

[Garden Lavender] The natural herbal fragrance of a lazy sunny afternoon in a garden full of lavender combined with lavender’s signature sweetness brings relaxation to both the mind and body. Relax your mind and body in the hard daily life.

[White Musk] A scent with a rich white powdery feel with subtle sensuality added on top. Try to feel the deep charm of slowly permeating white musk scent.


[White Jasmine] A scent having the scent of alluring white Jasmine and rich and gentle scent unique to tuberose at the same time. 

Customer Reviews

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Alaa Shuhban

Very bad smell

Hi Alaa, we're sorry to hear that, please let us know how we can make it up to you? You can contact us using any of the available methods.

Alaa Shuhban

شكله التعليق اللي ما بعجبكم بنشطب

مرحبا، يتم نشر جميع التقييمات و التعليقات تلقائيا

Alaa Shuhban

ريحة black cherry
مش متل العبوة الأصلية
خفيفة وبتتبخر بسرعة أكتر من اللي كانت قبل

Toleen Kokh

I love it! I loved the packaging, quality and smell

love them

they are nicely packaged, and enough for my 500ml bottle, good value and quality

Thanks Anwaar, glad you like them